“Chief Meteorologist @ 2 Works 4 You Approved!”


“You can ALWAYS take stuff home!”


“It’s nice and calm! I enjoy it!”



“It’s just a great place to go and hang out!”


“That fudgie wudgey was the best in my life!”


“Recommend everyone I know”


“Every time is better than the last!”


“In the hot weather…. PERFECT!”


“I can say it was a GOD SEND!!!”


A LOT of people have been saying it’s GOOD!”


“Always Awesome!”


“I love it because they know our names.”


“You have to try the Uncle Dan!”


“This Italian ice is OFF THE CHAIN”


“First Class”


“The Gelato is OUTSTANDING!”


“It’s Amazing, we try to come weekly!”


“I recommend Puopolo’s all the time!”

“Light! Tasty! Such a great summer treat. I came here for their 2 year anniversary and was AMAZED. Great staff. My daughter had the Italian ice, I had the chocolate chip strati and was so impressed. Highly recommend Puopolo’s for the best Tulsa Ice Cream!”
– Julea` Merriott

“My family and I love this place!! When I saw they had 10 different flavors of soft-serve, we were hooked, you just can’t find that anywhere else. I hadn’t tried Italian ice before and was worried it’d be like a sno-cone, but I’m so glad I did – it’s smooth like a sorbet, so good! The stratis are excellent, they are decadent without being too rich. I love how much you can customize everything there (my favorite strati is Pina Colada ice with vanilla soft-serve layered with strawberry sauce). The gelato is wonderful as well, we recently tried a S’mores-flavored Gelato pie and it was a big hit at our house. They have grab-and-go items available in addition to the full menu, too. The employees and service have always been outstanding as well. Definitely check this place out! We come here 2-3 times a week from Broken Arrow and don’t regret it at all, won’t be back to Andy’s or Braum’s anytime soon.”
– Jennifer Catli

“The staff is super friendly. I’ve been there when the owners are there and when they are not – the service and quality is always superb, regardless. The selections are great. Smoothest soft serve in town. Stracciatella is SOOO good. Today (7/17/2021) I had the Butter Pecan Stracciatella – creamy, buttery, and ratio of pecans to Gelato was perfect. Black Cherry Stratta – GET ONE!!! Plus, Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra crooning away just completes the experience. Love this place!”
– Monte Lalli

“Stopped in for the first time when my wife was having pregnancy cravings… That turned into a stop by on the way home from the hospital weeks later and then weekly visits ever since. The owners are like family now! They have something for everybody: Italian ice, gelato, soft serve, delicious things called strati’s that combine soft serve and Italian Ice. My favorite is the Uncle Dan, an ice cream caramel apple basically. You have to try it!”
– Jonathon Beene


Customer Reviews


At Puopolo’s, customer feedback is central to affirming what we are doing well, as well as, is necessary in helping us make course corrections in areas we need to improve. It is our desire that all our Team Members and Team Managers be informed about the wants, needs, and opinions of our customers because we want to create the best ice cream experience in Tulsa for any Tulsa ice cream. As a result, creating a culture that truly understands the importance of customer feedback and that is desirous to hear what our customers opinion is ~ this is critical to our future survival. Feedback allows us to understand what Puopolo’s customers like (or dislike) about our store, the layout, the color scheme, the music, the service, our custom dessert offerings, and all the rest. Failure to listen to our customers means we have turned the corner and are doomed to fail [as a business]. On the other hand, a constant flow of feedback will provide guidance and affirmation that we are on the right track and encourage us in turning simple service transactions into lasting impressions that make loyal fans.



Instant Personal Feedback


In understanding the cycle-time, or turn-around of customer reviews one of the realms is the instant feedback model. In these cases, the feedback is immediate and the gratification of our customers is clearly expressed and displayed at the time of service for any Tulsa ice cream. This serves as an immediate recognition and affirmation for the good job and excellent service that is being displayed by our Team Members and Team Managers. At Puopolo’s, we strive that every transaction with a customer exceed their expectations with respect to friendliness, hospitality, service, cleanliness, quality and timeliness. Constant, relentless pursuit of providing Tulsa’s best ice cream and dessert store means no short cuts. Constant, ongoing experiences of this nature creates loyal customers, which in turn creates brand loyalty. Conversely, an immediate customer complaint provides an opportunity is a welcome opportunity for us to instantly rectify a possible wrong before the end of the transaction, thus allowing what would have been a poor or back experience to be corrected immediately, and therefore, redeeming a bad experience with a good one. Puopolo’s prides ourselves on being open with our customers and inviting any feedback, negative or positive, that would provide either an affirmation for a job well done, or course correction where something may not have gone to our customers satisfaction. This model is excellent especially when an unfavorable experience has occurred as it allows the immediate ability to ‘right all wrongs’ at the time of occurrence. Once a non-conformance has been identified, the proper course of action is to modify, train, or change processes and/or procedures to produce a positive outcome at the end of every event. At the end of the day, we desire to be the best ice cream store in Tulsa, with ambitions to be the best ice cream store in Oklahoma, and then to being the best ice cream store in the United States.



Online Reviews


In addition to the instant customer recognition model for any Tulsa ice cream, online reviews also serve as an extension of expression that provides both an immediate response to a positive (or not so positive) experience, but also have a more profound impact to our business by documenting the experience in a place for all to see, for all time, thus providing a lasting impression that goes far beyond an in-person interaction. In this case, the continued positive reviews and comments over a sustained period of time makes for a very desirable and attractive business model that draws new and curious persons to our store ~ for Puopolo’s this is our desire. To have hundreds of 5-star online reviews stating that Puopolo’s is the best ice cream store, along with glowing comments peaks the curiosity of dessert seekers looking to share an experience that was previously vicariously shared by only reading the review. This creates a desire for review readers to visit and experience (or see if they can recreate) that very same experience in person. The constant affirmation and positive online reviews about Puopolo’s being the best ice cream store also resonates with industry peers as this serves as an acknowledgement of the good work being done by Puopolo’s. But make no mistake, our primary purpose is to provide the highest satisfaction and experience to be enjoyed by our customers for any Tulsa ice cream and to be the best ice cream, Italian ice (water ice), and gelato store in the Tulsa area. Feedback and online reviews are critical to how we assess ourselves and keep us focused on the most important person, you (our customer)!



Another area not to be overlooked are customer testimonials for our Tulsa ice cream. At Puopolo’s, we love to have customer testimonials as they allow you to see and experience things directly from the point of view of the person providing the testimony. For us as owners to say Puopolo’s is the best ice cream store is not as impactful as a random individual stating Puopolo’s is the best ice cream store in Tulsa as It also adds another dynamic by recreating the excitement, and the emotional experience by a live testimonial. To be able to view expressions in one’s voice inflection, eye contact, visually seeing the dessert or ice cream they are talking about, listening to the excitement and seeing the body language all combine to engage the viewer and excite the senses. Many of Puopolo’s testimonials include similar experiences whereas customers are truly impressed with our dessert offerings, the best ice cream in Tulsa, the best Italian Ice (Water Ice) flavors, or the best and most authentic Gelato, the uniqueness of our Signature Strati’s, the fact that we have 10 different soft serve variations allows us to create endless combinations of offerings for our customers. Also, the ambiance of our store, having indoor and outdoor seating, the genre of music we play, and the hospitality they have experienced. All this is combines to create a synergy in that the sum of all parts exceeds the individual of each item creating a once-in-a-lifetime dessert experience that truly makes Puopolo’s the best ice cream store in Tulsa, and Oklahoma. In addition to these testimonials, we also fondly remember some unique stand-outs such as:

• A young man who stated that within the last year he graduated college and got engaged to the woman of his dreams, but our Fudgy Wudgy Signature Strati was the best thing to happen to him this year ~ smiles!
• Or, the woman who after having our authentic Gelato said to her husband “Next time, don’t bother taking me to dinner, just take me to Puopolo’s!”
At Puopolo’s, we love the testimonials of our customers! In fact, we will direct many new interested individuals to our testimonial page because the validity of another’s feedback goes much further in influencing and having a lasting impression upon dessert seekers.


Professional Reviews


Puopolo’s has received a number of professional reviews by food critics and People’s Choice awards for Tulsa ice cream. In 2019, after just 2 months from the time of our grand opening the Puopolo’s Uncle Dan Signature Strati was recognized in Tulsa’s Top 50 Things we Love About Tulsa ~ it actually ranked at number 19! Several food critics in the Tulsa area have also provided outstanding reviews about Puopolo’s unique dessert offering and high-quality standards. In the very near future Puopolo’s will also be featured on an episode of Discover Oklahoma with Dino Lalli. All of this feedback, from professional review writers, to individual testimonials, to extensive 5-star online reviews all speak to high quality standards that makes Puopolo’s a dessert mecca for iconic foodies.