Our Story

The Matriarch


Jean Rose (aka Mama Puopolo) and her devoted husband, Tom, raised their four children in a suburb of historic Philadelphia. Her joyful spirit, nurturing character, and sincere hospitality all contribute to the woman her children know and love. Her life being centered around family, faith and food, Mama Puopolo frequently spent summers cooling down with her children eating delicious Italian Ice while creating unforgettable memories. She and her husband have been residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma since 2010 and were alive to see their legacy of family, food, and fellowship continues through Puopolo’s Italian Ice & Creamery for Tulsa ice cream. In 2020, Mama Puopolo went into the presence of the Lord at the ripe old age of 88. Having lived a life of love for her family and Lord, she is forever in the comfort of His presence.



The Roots


Italian Ice was brought to Philadelphia through the traditions of Italian immigrants. It began as a simple frozen granita, and has evolved into what is now known as Philadelphia style Italian Ice. It serves as a staple for families looking to cool off during the hot and humid Summers in Philly. Also known as Water Ice, its creamy texture and rich flavor are sure to satisfy even the pickiest palette. Tulsa’s foody culture and raging hot summers provide the ideal climate for this unique frozen dessert for Tulsa ice cream.


The Journey

After raising three kids, Mama Puopolo’s youngest daughter, Kris, and her husband, Jim, decided to pack up their Philadelphia roots and plant them in Tulsa, OK. They wanted to start a new season of life where they could spend quality time with family and give generously back to the community. While reminiscing about their childhoods where they sat on the front stoop, lips stained with vibrant colors, enjoying water ice, they instantly knew that Puopolo’s was in their future. That dream became a reality in 2019 when they opened Puopolo’s first Tulsa ice cream store. Now, as you take your first bite of Puopolo’s Italian Ice, we pray you experience the same hospitality, joy, and fellowship that we had years ago.  Welcome to the Puopolo’s Family! In addition, you get to experience Tulsa’s best ice cream, or better yet, Oklahoma’s best ice cream destination.

James and Kirsten Eddy (Proprietors)


Jim and Kris Eddy are the Managing Partners and owners of Puopolo’s Creamery, LLC. Since the time Jim and Kris were married, they had a strong desire to work together in business. However, the right opportunity had not presented itself to them until much later in their marriage. So, during that interim time they investing their strength and energies in their family, their Church and community to serve and have a positive impact in the lives of those they encountered. Fast forward to today, Jim and Kris bring a diversified wealth of experience and business savvy with them for their Tulsa ice cream. As of 2021, they celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary and have 3 children ages 25, 23 and 19. Jim and Kris are also expecting their first grandbaby in September of 2021 and look forward of continuing the legacy of Mama-Puopolo by investing in their family and faith.


Tulsa Ice Cream James EddyTulsa Ice Cream James Eddy, C.P.M.


Jim Eddy brings over 25 years corporate business experience and formerly served as the Sr. Director of Global Procurement for the largest automotive remanufacturer in North America where he oversaw an annual spend of $175+ Million and managed a staff of 20+ professionals internationally. Jim had spent much time traveling the world including Asia, Europe, and North America as he excelled in improving Supply Chain operations for his company. Jim brings much of that experience with him to Puopolo’s including a strong business acumen, and energy along with a proven record of success. His ability to execute large scale projects and exceed ROI expectations won him praise and awards from senior management throughout his career. It was this sense of accomplishment and achievement that provided Jim with the confidence to venture out late in his career ~ a time when many executives are thinking and planning toward retirement. However, Jim was also influenced by the founder of his previous who started his business at the age of 55 (ironically, the same age Jim was when he ventured out and began Puopolo’s). Jim’s passion for excellence, drive, determination and desire to do more were guiding influences in his life. But most importantly, his desire to serve the Lord and be obedient was the most influential in guiding his decisions.


Tulsa Ice Cream Kristen EddyTulsa Ice Cream Kirsten Eddy


Kris Eddy spent the majority of her married life as a homemaker as she felt this was God’s highest calling…the ability to have profound influence in raising children in the admonition and reverence of the Lord. Through that time Kris was also actively involved in her local church serving with her gifts of hospitality and leading several women’s groups and bible studies. As Kris’ children were older Kris re-entered the workplace and served as a Customer Service Manager at Hobby Lobby. Kris’ customer service skills were identified immediately and she moved into the position of managing the store front end. Kris also expanded her duties and eventually assumed a dual role by overseeing the Cash Office as well. While working at Hobby Lobby, Kris’ innate ability to turn visitors into loyal customers won her praise from management within the Regional and District offices. Kris also implemented programs with local entrepreneurs that allowed them a one-stop shopping experience at Hobby Lobby which increased in-store sales significantly. Kris’ outgoing personality and retail experience has allowed Puopolo’s to set the highest standards of hospitality and kindness to our customers. Kris now manages the front-end of all Puopolo’s training and development and sets the highest standard for customer experience.



Tim, Laura, Joshua and Abigail Eddy


Jim and Kris’ kids all made the move from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Tulsa, Oklahoma to start Puopolo’s Italian Ice and Creamery. Tim and Laura Eddy have been married for several years and were foundational in not only helping Puopolo’s get started, but in running the day-to-day operations for the first year and a half. More recently, Tim has pursued a career in Real Estate and Development, and Laura is following her passion as a Wedding Photographer. They are both excelling in their given fields and gifts and their imprint and influence continues in Puopolo’s to this day. Abby has been in involved in Puopolo’s since its inception in 2019 in customer service and as a front-end manager. It is here where she uses her gifts of hospitality and serving others to make memorable experiences for all who visit Puopolo’s. More recently, Josh Eddy has joined the ranks of Puopolo’s and is instrumental in the back-end and kitchen areas. He has learned the secrets of Puopolo’s homemade Italian Ice and the old school recipes for making authentic gelato. Puopolo’s remains a family-owned, and family-run business in the spirit of Mama-Puopolo.