The Gallery


Puopolo’s gallery contains many pictures of our unique and hand-crafted product, along with happy customers at Tulsa’s best ice cream store, Puopolo’s Italian Ice and Creamery. As you scroll through the pictures, the images of our mouth-watering desserts will showcase the breadth and expanse of our offerings for our clientele for any Tulsa ice cream.

Italian Ice


Puopolo’s is the first manufacturer of Italian Ice (a.k.a. Water Ice) in the Tulsa ice cream area. We use the finest ingredients and old school recipes and traditions from Philadelphia in making our homemade Italian Ice. The result is a smooth and creamy texture that is far superior to knock-offs such as snow cones, shaved ice or granitas. This is what makes Puopolo’s Italian Ice stand out and be the best! The quality, experience and innovation in creating new and bold flavors. Recently, Puopolo’s introduced four new Italian Ice flavors to our repertoire: Peachy Mango; Strawberry Daiquiri; Café Mocha; and Cherry Cinnabomb (similar to a Red-Hot flavor). The constant pursuit of excellence is what makes our Italian Ice (Water Ice) the very best Tulsa has to offer.

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Puopolo’s Gelato brings the best of Italy’s gourmet ice cream to Tulsa. Our ingredients are imported directly from Italy. By doing this we stay true to the old-world traditions that has made Italian Gelato the premier gourmet ice cream in the world. Many of our customers who have eaten at a Gelateria in Italy are unable to tell the difference between Puopolo’s gelato verses what they had in Italy. This is why Puopolo’s offers the best gourmet ice cream in Tulsa and Oklahoma. Old school recipes, authentic ingredients and a dedication to the craft of gourmet Tulsa  ice cream.


Original Strati’s


Puopolo’s has put Tulsa ice cream on the map by creating one-of-a-kind Signature Strati’s. You will be hard pressed to find anything similar to our unique Strati’s. Strati, and Italian word for layers, are layered creations of our homemade Italian Ice, delicious Soft Serve ice cream, and a combination of toppings and sauces (or both). The result is a masterpiece in the world of gourmet ice cream and is available only at Puopolo’s! The origin of our Signature Strati started with Kris’ (owner) brother, Dan Bair. Dan was visiting Puopolo’s one day and had his niece, Abby Eddy (Front-end Manager at Puopolo’s), add hot caramel to a combination of Sour Apple Italian Ice and Vanilla Soft Serve ice cream. The result was our iconic ‘Uncle Dan Signature Strati’. To date, the Uncle Dan Signature Strati is one of the best sellers at Puopolo’s and had drawn a unique following of individuals who are dedicated to what started the Strati craze. In addition to the Uncle Dan Strati, other favorites also include the Unicorn Strati (Cotton Candy Italian Ice with Bubble Gum soft serve and cotton candy sprinkles), the Freedom Strati (traditional Red, White and Blue colors with Cherry and Blue Raspberry Italian Ice, Vanilla soft serve ice cream, and Strawberry sauce topping). Also, a hit with Signature Strati fans is the Cherry Bomb (Cherry Italian Ice with Chocolate soft serve ice cream, chocolate sauce and maraschino cherries). Puopolo’s Signature Strati’s put the gourmet in gourmet ice cream and makes Puopolo’s one of the most unique gourmet ice cream stores in Tulsa, as well as, Oklahoma.

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Soft Serve


Not to be overshadowed, Puopolo’s soft serve Tulsa ice cream offers 10 different flavors of soft serve to choose from. In fact, Puopolo’s is the only dessert store in the Tulsa area to offer more than 2 different types of soft serve ice cream. Our soft serve flavors often vary, but usually contain some standards such as Bubble Gum, Orange Crème, New York Cheesecake, Cappuccino, and Strawberry. Because Puopolo’s dessert offerings are so magnanimous in scope our soft serve gourmet ice cream can sometimes be overlooked, but discriminating dessert lovers usually wind up making their way to them at some point in time.


Concrete Ice Cream


As if that were not enough, Puopolo’s also has a number of outrageous Concrete’s that are simply spectacular Tulsa ice cream. One of the founders’ favorites, the Crème de Menthe, is a favorite among Concrete ice cream lovers. However, since Puopolo’s gourmet ice cream comes in 10 different flavors the possibilities of Concrete ice cream combinations is endless. Thus, another reason why Puopolo’s offers the best ice cream in Oklahoma.




One of our favorite items to view in Puopolo’s photo gallery is the joy our customers have enjoying our delicious desserts. From grandparents, to parents, to kids, to grandkids there is something special for everyone at Puopolo’s. Knowing that brings joy to our hearts and let’s us know we are doing something right. From the outset one of Puopolo’s foundational principles from Mama-Puopolo was Family! When we think of family, we think of sitting around the table with our loved ones enjoying each other’s company. Many times, that is in the form of grandparents taking the grandkids out for a special ice cream treat, or fathers spending time with their daughters on a ‘Daddy date night’ out. Often times, our hard-working mom’s stop by with the kids in tote, busy from working and running errands, just to stop and grab some quality time with their kids. The beauty of what we witness is that Puopolo’s is a place to bring the family. Our delicious, gourmet Tulsa ice cream is enjoyed by our seniors as much as it is by our toddlers. And while there are times where our parents may feel they may not relate to their teenage kids, there is one thing that they both can enjoy together being Puopolo’s Italian Ice and Creamery.


Owners Story


The Puopolo’s foundation is built on three cornerstones that were foundational to Mama-Puopolo, that being, Faith, Family and Food. In viewing our gallery, you will see evidence of all being lived out, every day. From the Faith perspective, Puopolo’s Tips for Charity showcases all the non-profit organizations in the Tulsa area that have benefitted from the generous contributions of our patrons. In the first two years of business Puopolo’s has been able to donate over Thirty-Five Thousand Dollars to local, non-profit charities. This goes to directly benefitting the community in which we life. It is another one of the reasons why Puopolo’s Italian Ice and Creamy is the best gourmet ice cream store in Tulsa, as well as, Oklahoma! We’re here to provide delicious Tulsa ice cream!

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