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At Puopolo’s, we like to keep it simple and don’t want to put to many barriers between you, our customer, and Puopolo’s, the best ice cream store in Tulsa. We desire to make every part of your experience with Puopolo’s the best, including contacting us for any Tulsa ice cream needs. So, to make your experience as easy as possible we have multiple ways for your, our customer, to connect with us based on your time, convenience and preference mode of communication. At Puopolo’s its not enough just to be the best ice cream store in Oklahoma, we also want to provide the most comprehensive, well-rounded experience for our customers.





Puopolo’s website, while presenting a lot of information about Puopolo’s, the best ice cream store in Tulsa, also makes is easy for you, our customer, to connect with us regarding many different items. Your interest may be in asking specific questions about our Homemade Italian Ice (water ice), or our Authentic Gelato, or our Unique Signature Strati’s…all of which goes into making Puopolo’s the best ice cream store in Tulsa (in fact, the best ice cream store in Oklahoma). In addition, many customers are so enamored with our ice cream offerings that they never get to try Tulsa’s best concrete ice cream at Puopolo’s. Much of this information is available on our website for our customers to view. In addition to viewing information about Puopolo’s ice cream offerings, customers can also see information about Puopolo’s Food Truck for our Italian Ice (Water Ice). Our Food Truck serves Puopolo’s delicious Italian Ice (Water Ice) from a beautiful, luxury, late-model, fully equipped vehicle that provides a visually stunning experience and quality sound system for any Tulsa ice cream. Booking Puopolo’s Food Truck is also available on our Food Truck Contact Page. Another area you can contact us is on our…wait for it…Contact Us page! There you will be able to send a message that goes directly to the owners of Puopolo’s Italian Ice and Creamery. We recognize that our customers like multiple ways to get in touch with us, so in addition to the Puopolo’s website, we also provide alternative methods of reaching out to us to make your experience the best in Tulsa. Of the other methods, email, or mobile are alternative viable venues to reach us and have your questions answered as we want to provide the very best experience when you deal with Puopolo’s.



Puopolo’s takes great pride in responding to customers needs and questions about Tulsa ice cream. As a result, all emails that are sent to are directly viewed by the owners, Jim and Kris Eddy. This is because you, our customer, deserve our very best. It is also part of our being the best ice cream store in Tulsa. As a result, critical issues such as the response timeliness, content and correct responses are always monitored so we can uphold the high standards of excellence as we do with our dessert offerings such as our Italian Ice (Water Ice), Gelato, Strati’s and Concretes. Our customers can also feel secure knowing that their questions or emails are not sent to an unmonitored location, but are given the highest level of attention. This goes back to our core philosophy in providing the highest level of quality service. Our typical turn-around time for emails is 24 hours, but the overwhelming majority of responses are within hours (if not in minutes). At the end of the day, you can rest assured that the best ice cream store in Tulsa is responsive to your needs even during closing hours.





Puopolo’s phone number is 918-551-7668. Customers are able to call anytime and reach out with any questions they may have about Tulsa ice cream. Our corporate phone is monitored daily and we will respond to calls within a 24-hour period (or sooner). We always seek to provide the easiest and most comfortable experience for customers who wish to contact us. For special events many of our patrons are provided with the owner’s personal cell phones so they can contact us via phone or text based on their preference. In this way they have unlimited access to the key personnel at the best ice cream store in Tulsa! All of this is part of creating the best experience in working with Puopolo’s.


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It is also easy to contact Puopolo’s via Google Search engine for any questions in regards to Tulsa ice cream. Google Search has replaced most all other methods of search due to its exceptional ability to provide a comprehensive amount of information in a single viewing. Customers can contact us via Google and easily (and instantly) see pictures of our business, search customer reviews, see how many stars (of a 5-star rating) we are, locate us on a map and even connect to get driving directions immediately, use Google to call our business corporate phone line, and many, many other ways to connect. In looking up Puopolo’s Tulsa ice cream on Google Search, you will be able to see why Puopolo’s is Tulsa’s best ice cream store. In fact, you will most likely be able to see that Puopolo’s is also Oklahoma’s best ice cream store. From our Italian Ice (Water Ice), authentic Italian Gelato, our Signature Strati’s, and our ice cream and Concrete’s, Puopolo’s has it all.







Facebook is a fantastic tool to connect with Puopolo’s. Our Facebook page is listed as Puopolo’s Italian Ice and Creamery. On our Facebook page you will see ongoing and constant communication regarding special offers at Puopolo’s especially for Tulsa ice cream. You will also see pics of our world-famous desserts and friendly staff. In addition, Facebook also allows you, our customer, to contact us and/or respond to a post, depending on your preference. Feel free to take advantage of the communications available on Puopolo’s Facebook page. We continue to boast in our being Tulsa’s best ice cream store, in fact, actually Oklahoma’s best ice cream store, because we are able to back it up! We back it up with our homemade Italian Ice (water ice) being the best in the country. We back it up in having the best gelato in Tulsa and best gelato in Oklahoma. We back it up in that we are the only ice cream store offering our unique Signature Strati’s. And we back it up in having the best Concrete ice cream around. Facebook also allows you, our customer, to provide immediate feedback verifying our claims. ~ as many of you already have. If you would like to contact us, please feel free to reach out on Facebook at Puopolo’s Italian Ice and Creamery.