Tulsa Ice Cream if you’re on the website I want you to take a look and see all of the delightful things we have to offer and then once you see all those foods I know exactly what you do you are going to get on the fastest car that you have in your garage and you are going to go there and if for some reason you don’t have a car and you have a motorcycle you get motorcycle. If you don’t have a motorcycle and you have a scooter you get on the scooter and, if you don’t have a scooter. Then you’re going to get on a skateboard. If you don’t have any of those you’re going to walk you want to care how far of a walk it is because it is going to be worth eight bytes to get apps credible wonderful.

Eating great things is always such a signs and wonders we left for you to eat great things because it’s delicious and having deliciousness is really just a wonderful thing because that is wonderful and wonderful is what happens that is so great and we always want things to be so Tulsa Ice Cream great we look so forward to it and looking so forward to is what is so important to us being important diocese is important and we want that to be.

And so you can preserve website you can see the people that we work with the team were family we love people and we love ice cream really if we don’t love ice cream do you think we would’ve started the business had no baby we would have started a business ice we do. Having and is such a joy and seeing the people and the families come and we absolutely love that we let people we love seeing them commands can make them wonderful food because making wonderful food and ice cream is what we do and we love doing so fund assets so enjoyable and we cannot wait to be working with you so that we can work and make all of these things happen because that is a blast us and having.

A blast is just a blast etc. everything you need to know it says right there and we look so forward to them looking so forward to it is what happens when that happens it’s just absolutely amazing and we always love having amazing things because that is incredible and we love doing that love filling so so great and so thrilled that we love we absolutely love that and that so fund us and we want to see all of that and we look so forward to seeing all of that because that is important to us and we love all of those things Tulsa Ice Cream. Come and dig in and eat at because that is wonderful and we love eating and digging in and loving watching is great fun and great fun eating ice cream how can you not have great fun it’s basically impossible not to have great fun whenever you’re eating ice cream that’s for sure that’s what we believe and so we want you to fill that same way.

You can find us at our website https://puopoloscreamery.com/ our phone number is 918-551-7668, were excited to see you see you soon babbling.

Tulsa Ice Cream | What Makes You Different From Other Companies?

Tulsa Ice Cream what makes us different from other companies is that we actually love what we do maybe they do but were family-owned and operated we love working with people and we love making delightful foods and delightful memories and you can even maybe dance while you’re eating our ice cream you might enjoy dancing we don’t know for sure if you enjoy dancing that we think that that’s a possibility. Because by enjoying how to be a lot of fun for you and we want you to have fun because having fun are all about

Looking at ways that we can bring joy to you and we love bringing joy to people because bringing joy to people is absolutely a blast, Tulsa Ice Cream really how can this not be just a blast we know that it can be a blast because we are a blast and we love having people that they’re having a blast that’s what we do. We make sure that people are having a blast while they are eating here at our location because those are sensory memories that bring about and that jerk and I totally enjoy them are so excited for you to enjoy those because that’s important because that is really great.

We love working with you and we love seeing you can’t wait to look and talk and be there and know that you are so excited and we love being so excited and want to be so excited on that be fun to be excited. Living a life of excitement time I get is just everything back to life every single time it brings back to life never fails always happens count on it and that is what is so exciting about what we do because we will make you just feel excited about life again and filling excited about life is wonderful thing.

Looking so forward to making you happy and making you thrilled because that’s what we wanted to do that every day all day is to do that because by doing that it can create momentum in your life having momentum in your life matter what your age with your kid for your 25 for your 55 or your 75 or your 95 hat maybe radio be proven at some point eating our ice cream can make you easily live to be 105 would that be amazing I would like that yes I would like .Tulsa Ice Cream come on in and just see what our ice can continue and how you will fill after you eat it because we know that you are going to feel elated absolutely elated and again this is not a sugar high happiness euphoria high.

In a euphoric high is so much better me now that there’s other things that you might be able get high on because we see long-term that that’s really great option for you and so whenever that’s not a great option for you then that is not to be to be seen so we don’t want to be having because that’s not exactly what were looking for Call us on our phone number 918-551-7668 or go to our website at https://puopoloscreamery.com/, money and NCS get a little spice of life get out of your comfort is half lit outside the box because it’s so much fun just to be great.