Tulsa Ice Cream baby are no brilliant offer is brilliant and it is you can come in for your first ice cream for only one dollar yes I said it. Really working to get one dollar maybe a quick trip but it’s only vanilla and psycho to be as delightful as what we have to offer what we have to offer is a variety of flavors so drink your tasting. Can be so in love with these flavors you want them every day. And you want to buy some of our gallon jugs and take them home to share with your friends and family for your pool party for your final pool party that was actually last weekend but there will be another Labor Day but as other holidays are coming we have all kinds of flavors all my goodness let’s talk about Thanksgiving I mean before.

Thanksgiving is even why yet that’s Halloween so pumpkin pumpkin for both of those spice and yes I said it all pie is an excellent flavor that you can adjust love so much and you can be so typical tried it because it tastes absolutely wonderful and tasting wonderful is what were all about we always want to make sure that your tasting wonderful because this is very important to us because we want to make sure that you are delightful and everything taste so one Tulsa Ice Cream we look so forward to having you come on in.

Gonna be easy PC free to commit because you can be so happy that you did because you cannot love exactly what we have to offer and we have to offer you is pure divine yes yes that is a word the fineness oh my goodness you’ll be so tickled pink that you’re going to want cotton candy ice cream yes I said it kind candy and then only can assist that usually is coming up to the fair usually, peer in September so you want to have cotton candy like here at the fair is can it take you back to those apps.

Great fit will be so fun having fun is just fun really who doesn’t want to have fun and that’s what we provide right here we provide a load of fun and we always want you to be knowing that were providing load of fun because this is so important to us and we look so forward to providing to you because that’s important to us and not scraped absolutely wonderful at so terrific and we love it we absolutely love and love it so much that we want to make sure that you love to Tulsa Ice Cream. So come on in and have some food on us and for that one dollar because again it’s just a no-brainer mean really one dollar.

And then whenever you find us a city you go to our website you can see that right there on the front one dollar first ice cream so just bringing your family Heck if you have 25 family members only $25 where can you get food for 25 people for 25 Dollars Item Pl. You can find us at our website https://puopoloscreamery.com/ our phone number is 918-551-7668. You can always see our signs and wonders outside and that’s gonna be just that they are brilliantly crafted ice cream. Look so forward to see you so just come on in and CS.

Tulsa Ice Cream | What Is the Next Step?

Tulsa Ice Cream the next step is to the next step is just to come on in. Get in your car right now as soon as you’re reading this you could even maybe put if you have a fancy phone you could put this on your phone so that it’s reading you while you’re driving because this is your the next step is to get your car get your family and get your friends and if you don’t have enough room in your car you guys DHS caravan into CS would love for you to caravan CS that would be so fun and fun is what ice cream is all about.

So after the next step is just one step at a time not one day at a time all I guess one data time you could come in and have ice cream that would also be a brilliant strategy just to be coming in eating ice cream on a daily basis that would be an excellent step wouldn’t that be just genius. We’d absolutely want you to do that because that is just a smart strategic way to be working. Tulsa Ice Creamv food is so good and ice cream is so good and it’s so much fun whenever you’re enjoying this with your family because enjoying it with your family is what were all about making memories maybe even a first date.

Oh yeah baby they’re not can I think that your tightwad if you only spend a dollar and you come in for that first step there and I think that your frugal and that you’re brilliant with money and that it would be a absolute stolen but let’s just go with it because we want you to commend and you don’t even know if it’s gonna work out with the percentage of it doesn’t work out you really want to spend a lot of money on the person probably not so just come on in and let us help you.

Ice cream you scream we all scream for ice cream. Yes that’s what I said don’t scream too loud because the children children until you’re actually nice to wake up before then they’ll be fine and that’s not really the question about how long until we get there the real question is how long until we get it add ice cream and so why not just wake them up once you’re here and that’s what you can be doing is waking them up when sure they are that be just like absolutely solid absolutely but you should
Tulsa Ice Cream.

Hi Nina’s on the phone and working with us. Be so happy that you did we don’t doubt it for one single moment you can be so thrilled and it’s easy to find us on the inter-webs that Al Gore created you can find us on those into webs or that Alexander Bell easily created the telephone or I guess some people would say Steve Jobs just took it to a whole new level so just pick up that call us and we can’t wait to see there’s all the information you need to contact us Call us on our phone number 918-551-7668 or go to our website at https://puopoloscreamery.com/. All the information you need is right here and will be so happy to be helping you all should because that is important as helping people is.