Best Tulsa Ice Cream testing okay here we go well let me just tell you what you can expect from us you can expect to be filling satisfied and happy and thrilled that you ate ice cream what you come for sure expect. You can expect such joy and satisfaction all the way down to your little to be toes you can be so thrilled with that satisfaction. You can love every single minute of it in every single minute of it you’re gonna love and that’s what we know for sure. And we are so excited for that because by doing that feeling that this is going to bring you such a Julie M you might want a waffle cone. Whenever you have a waffle cone it’s so yummy we don’t have waffles and chicken but you know maybe someday we’ll have a chicken and waffle flavor maybe we currently do you’ll just need to come into our store to find out.

Everything we make this so yummy and it’s just made with absolute love and care because we care so much about you we want to make sure that you feel loved because you are loved and whenever you fill out everyone feels love. We also have to tell you that we are the highest and most reviewed gourmet ice cream creamy in Tulsa. I said it we are the most highest reviewed in Tulsa so high on earth would you not come NCS that it’s just that right there and of itself is a no-brainer. Best Tulsa Ice Cream looking so forward to all types of all the types of things it can fight for you we can’t wait to do that because that is so fun to us and being fun does is fun to you and we always want to be fun to you that is what the game plan is because we’re excited about that.

Showing you great food and showing you great signs is what we always want to be doing as this is important and we always want to be doing that now I need to listen to Hamilton following writing and reading because always want to be doing excited to us it’s exciting to us we hope is exciting to you because that is wonderful we always want to be feeling like we’re just filling up your cup and by filling up your carpets could be so exciting because we love that and we want to do that because that’s exciting and were excited to be excited because exciting is what we want to be doing.

So it’s simple it’s very simple for you just to come NCS because whenever you come NCS and be thrilled that you did because that will be great fun and that will be so wonderful because wonderful as we always would be doing we always want to be say all kinds of great things as we love to do that fun for us and that is great fun and we love having great fun Best Tulsa Ice Cream.

Or so sad to see you and you get all the details and more they want to know our website which that information is as Our website is our phone number is 918-551-7668. You can also just pick up the phone and call us and will give you all kinds of feedback all kinds of feedback is what is wonderful we love that being wonderful because we love being wonderful because that is wonderful.

Best Tulsa Ice Cream | What Are Some of the Core Values?

Best Tulsa Ice Cream well here are four values our core values are delicious and deliciousness is our core value. So we always want to be having a core value because that’s what we love to do we love having core values and knowing that you can be having wonderful times and wonderful times great times bring on great things and great things going on great times because that’s what we absolutely one for you we want you to have a great time. And core values are really all that you make them to be in so delicious ice cream can always be one of those core values because ill be so excited that you came in and that you are eating and that we are helping you eat because helping you eat is just a blast.

We always want me making sure that you’re having a blast because by having a blast is going to be delightful to you we want to make sure that you are delighted because relatedness is amazing it’s an amazing feeling and we love that amazing feeling because that is a great thing to have because having a great feeling is wonderful really isn’t that just what you’re talking about yes that’s what were talking and we want to make sure that you’re having them reset or just out of this world because memories out of this world will be bringing you all kinds of delightful memories and delightful memories are just a blast in so we could be doing that Best Tulsa Ice Cream.

Looking forward to helping you working together looking at being so happy together is so wonderful we love being wonderful and so wonderful to be wonderful we love that I’m excited to do that come we wanted to do that because that is great fun to us is great fun – this is from so fun is fun as we like it doesn’t like to have fun really ice cream is, the sentiment fund really think it is the cinnamon fan not cinnamon like the flavor although we do have some ice creams with cinnamon.

Oh how we love being making sure that were taking care of people because that’s what we always will be doing is taking care people we love taking care of people and that’s what we do here and that is so wonderful we love it when one or just keep doing it and it’s so awesome absolutely awesome that’s why we’re so awesome. For one, should we are so freaking awesome right here yes sweetheart no doubt about Best Tulsa Ice Cream.

So looking forward to you coming in or you can get on your computer your iPad or your template for your Dell computer laptop to your desktop and you can find us with all of the information worst-case scenario none of that works just pick up the phone even if you have old-school phone you can call us user information Our phone number is 918-551-7668 and our website is We were so happy that we are working together and forward to it and we love it were thrilled about that that is great fun for us always want to be having fun together is having fun together is fun. .