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The ONLY Exclusive Strati Experience in North America
100% Authentic Italian Creamery
Made Fresh Daily In-House
Gelato Ingredients Imported from Italy
Our Tips for Charity Program Supports Local Non-Profits
Traditional, Old School Recipes for Italian Ice Brought to Tulsa!
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Meet Kris and Jim

Bringing #Tulsadelphia to You!

Jim and Kris Eddy are the Managing Partners and Owners of Puopolo’s Creamery, LLC.  They bring a diversified wealth of experience and business savvy in creating Puopolo’s Italian Ice and Creamery.  Drawing from their background, heritage and experience their desire was to create the best ice cream shop in the country.  Jim brings 25 years experience as a business executive and has traveled the world for business, while Kris excels in developing world-class customer service.  Together, their synergy allowed them to create something truly special in Puopolo’s.  

Jim and Kris also believe in giving back to their community, that is why Puopolo’s offers a ‘Tips for Charity’ program, whereas, 100% of all tips are donated to local non-profit organizations. In less than 3 years they have raised over $50,000- for local charitable organizations.   While that is an amazing number, Jim and Kris recognize it is the generosity of our patrons that makes this possible, and are thankful to be part of such a loving and giving community!

Jim and Kris are also blessed to have their family involved in the business.  Abby has been a permanent fixture from the onset and can be seen up front serving customers daily and taking care of their orders.  Joshua covers the backend and is credited for making the delicious creamery desserts in the kitchen.  Tim and Laura were instrumental in getting Puopolo’s started early on, but more recently play more of an indirect role in the operations.  

What Makes Puopolo’s So Special?


We are often asked “what makes Puopolo’s so special?” Well, the answer to that can be found in our name, or better yet, our namesake ~ Mama Puopolo. When we decided to use Kris’ mom’s [maiden] name to start the business, everything sort of fell into place. Mama-Puopolo was known for 3 things: Her Faith; Her Family; and Her Food! That is the cornerstone of everything we do. We are able to express our Faith through our Tips for Charity program. This allows us to support local nonprofits through the generous contributions of our patrons and give back to our community. The Food portion of Puopolo’s is expressed in bringing the best creamery products to our customers. From homemade Philly-style Italian Ice (similar to a sorbet in texture), to our authentic Italian Gelato, to our unique Signature Strati’s (Italian for layers), Puopolo’s brings the freshest creamery products to our customers. The Family portion of our culture deals with our customers. We desire our customers to have the best experience from our servers. We encourage people to test and sample as much product as they wish to ensure they get something they absolutely love. And we believe in treating everyone like family. When you combine those three attributes, Faith, Food and Family, you have a powerful combination that when executed properly, provides the best creamery in Tulsa!



“The Cravings Are Real”!


Part of why “The Cravings are Real” at Puopolo’s is the distinct product offering and quality of ingredients we use. To categorize our offering would be as follows:

  • Homemade Italian Ice (a.k.a. Water Ice)
  • Authentic Gelato (ingredients imported from Italy)
  • Unique Signature Strati’s
  • Concrete’s, Soft Serve, and Toppings


Our Italian Ice has a smooth & creamy texture, that is because it is made the same way you would make regular ice cream, but without the dairy. Puopolo’s uses the traditional ‘old school’ flavors and recipes from historic Philadelphia when making our Italian Ice. The result is a texture you will not find in a snow cone, shaved ice, or granita. Puopolo’s is Tulsa’s original Italian Ice manufacturer and producer! Our Gelato (Italian Ice Cream) ingredients are imported from Italy and made fresh daily on premises. Puopolo’s uses a specific Gelato manufacturer who provides 70% of Gelaterias in Italy. That is why many of our customers who have tasted Gelato in Europe say our product tastes exactly the same as in Italy. We pride ourselves in using the best and freshest ingredients and making it the traditional way. Puopolo’s created something special when we developed our Signature Strati’s. Strati (Italian for layers) is a layered creation combining Italian Ice, different flavors of soft serve (we offer 10 different flavors) topping and sauces to create a unique, one-of-a-kind creation. It all started with the “Uncle Dan”, a combination of Sour Apple Italian Ice, Vanilla Soft Serve, and Caramel throughout ~ just like eating a caramel apple. From there came the Unicorn, Freedom Strati, CherryBomb, and most recently, the Geiger counter (named after a family friend). With all of these delicious offerings, it is easy to understand why some of our other products, such as Concretes, get overlooked ~ but don’t underestimate them! Puopolo’s also offers seasonal favorites such as our Hot Waffle Strati and Italian Hot Chocolate in the Wintertime.


Hear What Other Are Saying about Puopolo’s

  • This is SERIOUSLY THE BEST PLACE!! Reasonable priced and amazing selection. Everyone from the owners to the employees are extremely friendly and make sure you feel welcomed at all times. This is our go to spot for amazing sweet treats ❤️


  • I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!! This is literally my family and I’s favorite place to go for our sweet tooth! IF YOU’RE IN TULSA, IT’S A MUST GO!


  • My entire extended family absolutely loves this place. We drive 45+ minutes on a routine basis because there is nothing else like it in Tulsa…


  • The staff is amazing and they always make us feel like FAMILY. The soft serve, Gelato, and Italian ice is all so incredibly DELICIOUS! It’s such a great family environment and they have a wonderful large selection – there’s something for EVERYONE!


  • This is by far our FAVORITE dessert place in all of the Tulsa area! It is so unique and there is nothing like Puopolo’s Italian Ice…


  • We LOVE Puopolo’s!! We love their creative desserts. The Italian Ice is so smooth and refreshing. Their gelato is super creamy and they have some awesome seasonal flavors. Also, the staff are so wonderful and welcoming!